2017 Solar Eclipse

The 2017 Solar Eclipse will be here August 21st !


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This will be the first total solar eclipse visible in the continental United States in 38 years. While Ohio is not inside the path of totality, we will still be able to see an amazing astrological display, and take this opportunity to learn more about eclipses!


NASA has compiled all their eclipse resources into an interactive website that students and educators alike can use to learn more about the science behind the eclipse, when and where to view it, and how to do so safely.


As part of their NASA-funded project, Bringing the Universe to America’s Classrooms, our friends at WGBH have developed a variety of resources for those who wish to explore and have fun with the eclipse. Whether you are in or out of the path of totality, or your districts are in school or not, we have tips, activities, and resources to make the eclipse a meaningful learning experience!

  • A comprehensive Eclipse Toolkit for formal and informal educators. This Toolkit is full of resource links, teaching tips and ideas, and input from educators: http://bit.ly/EclipseToolkit




  • Information sheets for both educators and families. Distribute the link, or print them out for events:



  • Search #TeachEclipse2017 on Twitter for comments from WBGH's Eclipse Twitter Chat, and input from lots of contributors on eclipse resources!


We would love to see your pictures of the eclipse, and your ideas for making this exciting event a fun learning experience for students of all ages. Please tag your tweets with the #TeachEclipse2017 hashtag, and tweet us @ohioitsco.



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