Arthur Interactive Media (AIM) Buddy Project

Arthur Interactive Media (AIM) Buddy Project  

It's official: the Arthur Interactive Media (AIM) Buddy Project is a success! 

The Arthur Interactive Media (AIM) Buddy Program uses digital comics and games based on familiar characters and storylines from Arthur to teach kids pro-social behaviors. The program also uses cross-grade mentoring to encourage peer relationships, improve school-wide climate and foster safe learning environments for elementary grade students.


WGBH partnered with Tufts University’s Institute for Applied Research in Youth Development to develop this innovative, media-rich classroom curriculum, which new research has proven stimulates social, emotional and character development in elementary school children. A full press release and the research results can be accessed here.


PBS has provided some social assets and language you can use to share the research study results with other teachers and parents in your area.


Stay tuned for more great Arthur assets leading up to the October 23-26 premieres, including an all-new Halloween Spook-tacular!



Arthur Interactive Media (AIM) Buddy Project is a success!