Custom PD
Custom Professional Development
Professional development tailored to meet YOUR needs, steeped in effective teaching practices to promote learning

3 steps for custom pd

Why choose ITSCO?  All of ITSCO services are by educators for educators designed through alignment with school goals, focused content, and sustained support.  All professional development opportunities are aligned to state and national standards and are customized to meet the individual needs of the schools and educators involved.  From one hour presentations to all day hands-on classes, our PD can be designed to meet your needs.  The primary goal of ITSCO PD is to assist educators with seamless integration of technology into existing curricula and teaching practices, in support of student work and learning.


choose a topic

We believe that educational technology must be steeped in effective teaching practices to promote learning.  Along with choosing a type of technology for a custom learning experience, idenify teaching initiatives that are a priority for your school (i.e. PBL, writing across the curriculum, UBD, reading strategies, FIP).  ITSCO will tailor your learning experience to support these practices.


Choose a delivery method

What works best for you? We offer a variety of instructional delivery methods that can be used individually or combined to create a sustained program. We offer...

Face-to-face classes at your school or at ITSCO
eLearning via online classes, webinar, video streaming, and interactive video distance learning
Conference presentations


Create a planDEVELOP A PLAN
ITSCO will work with your team to develop a professional development experience that meets your needs. Call us today!