Pickerington Badgable Courses

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Pickerington Local School's Badgable Courses: The following courses are available for teachers at Pickerington Elementary and Violet Elementary. Each teacher from these two buildings has the option of apply for the "Creating a Learning Path" badge and the "Creating a Collaborative Learning Culture" badge at no cost. 


Pickerington: Creating a Learning Path

Earn a Learning Path BadgeProfessional development is broken.  It is typically too broad, too general, and not timely.  This model of badging is an attempt to circumvent these issues and provide experiences that are more relevant, timely, and, most importantly, personal.  This competency based strategy is designed to determine what you know and provide a personalized achievement track.  During this module you will complete a pre-assessment to determine your strengths and weaknesses.  You will also learn how to move through the learning path and generate appropriate goals.

Prerequisites: None


Blended Learning with the iPad

Earn the iPad Blended Learning BadgeBlended learning is a student-centred approach to instruction that gives the student the ability to control time, place, or pace of the learning. In this badge, the aim is to  look at blended learning and identify some of the different models of blended learning. Then you will explore how a classroom with mobile devices, like an iPad, can integrate those devices into a blended classroom to engage and provide that student-centered setting.

Prerequisites: Must have skills outlined in the “Basic iPad Skills” online module


Transformational Teaching with SAMR

Earn the SAMR BadgeEffective integration of technology can provide teachers with opportunities to meet the diverse needs of all learners, and provide students with multiple ways to engage with classroom content.  The challenge lies not only in selecting the appropriate technology but, more importantly, in the learning tasks and lesson design.  The SAMR model has been developed by Dr Ruben Puentedura to equip educators in analyzing technology use to discover how effective it is at supporting learning.  The course aims to introduce participants to the SAMR Framework, and show them how to use it to plan for best practice technology use.  By drawing on research-based practices and media resources featuring the application of SAMR, this course will connect you with the knowledge that has made SAMR such a widely used model, as well as give you practical ways to apply it in your teaching and lesson design.

Prerequisites: None


iPad Basic Skills

Earn the iPad Basic Skills BadgeWhen you place an iPad(s) in your classroom, you have the ability to create unique opportunities for student learning at every level.  Before one can really begin to use the iPad as an integrated learning tool, you must gain a basic understanding of how to use the iPad for teaching and learning purposes.  In this course you will learn the basics of iPad “how to” - from using your Apple ID, to taking screenshots, to privacy settings and much more.

Prerequisites: None


iPad Integration

Earn the iPad Integration Badge

The iPad has made a huge splash in the educational marketplace over the last couple of years. This transformative device enables you to create learning opportunities that develop the knowledge and skills that your students are going to need to  live, learn, and work in the 21st century. This badging module focuses on the evaluation of iPad Apps for effective classroom applications. The activities for this badge ask you to plan classroom lessons that incorporate the use of the iPad.

Prerequisites: Must have skills outlined in the “Basic iPad Skills” online module


Creating Assessments with the iPad

Earn the iPad Creating Assessments BadgeAssessment is a cornerstone component of all classrooms.  However, what does assessment look like in a blended learning environment?  This course focuses on assessments with the iPad.  You will learn the difference between a formative and summative assessment, various formative tools available, as well as summative rubrics for student created projects.   

Prerequisites: Must have skills outlined in the “Basic iPad Skills,” "Tranformational Teaching with SAMR," and “iPad Integration” online modules


Google and the iPad Integration

Earn the Google and iPad Integration BadgeMobile devices are being used in the classroom daily and have allowed educators to shift their teaching styles to a more student-centered approach.  We are no longer living in a one size fits all world.  The integration of Google and the iPad have allowed us to extract the power of these different tools to achieve individual student learning goals.  In this course you will learn about harnessing the creative powers of the iPads while still gaining access to the productivity powers from Google Apps.

Prerequisites: Must have skills outline from the “Basic iPad Skills” online module


Creating a Collaborative Cullture

Earn the Collaborative Culture BadgeAre we really better together?  This question provides insight into the focus of Collaborative Culture. In this module, we will examine research by Richard DuFour, a leading educational expert on Professional Learning Communities (PLC) and Dr. Marzano. We will examine the big ideas associated with a culture of collaboration that will support the formation of, implementation, and sustainability of valid and helpful PLCs. 

It is important to remember that PLCs need not be an overwhelming program in your school, but instead should be simple methods that are meant to support teachers as they develop lessons, assessments, activities, and interventions (both remedial and enrichment).  Collaborative cultures can be, when implemented with fidelity, high quality professional development. PLCs are for teachers, by teachers. 

Prerequisites: None