Badges and Online Classes

Learn online, earn badges, get credit

WOSU Classroom offers a variety of online, self-paced courses through the use of digital badges. Learn what you want, when you want and get credit for what you already know!  

How do classes work?

With the purchase an annual Online Learning Subscription (free to Premium member districts), you gain access to all of our online learning modules and the option to earn badges for each module. Each online module is self-paced and takes approximately five hours to complete.  Classes are aligned to state and national standards, include examples of classroom integration, and provide voice and choice for all participants.  Already know the content? No problem! Skip the content and jump straight to the Choice Board. To complete the module, choose from one of the three assignment options on the Choice Board and submit to the instructor. Receive a Proficient or Accomplished rating (grading rubrics are provided for each module) from the instructor and you are awarded a badge!

Online Learning Subscription
(Your first badge is free with a purchased subscription! All additional badges are $50)

     Premium Members = Free!
     Advantage Members = $100
     Basic Members = $175


What are badges?

View BadgesThe world is changing fast and, today more than ever, traditional modes of assessment fail to capture the learning that happens everywhere and at every age. Digital badges are a powerful tool for identifying and validating the rich array of people's skills, knowledge, accomplishments, and competencies. Digital badges are a type of micro-credential, meaning that they are smaller in scope than traditional credentialing systems such as degrees and certifications. Participants may pick and choose topics that are of interest and “stack” the badges to create individual learning paths. WOSU Classroom uses Open Badges Infrastructure (OBI) which allows participants to import their badges into many other badging platforms, including the Mozilla Backpack.


How do I get Certificates of Attendance or graduate credit?

Upon award of any badge, you may email to request a certificate of attendance. Most badges provide five contact hours of credit. All badges may be applied toward Ashland University graduate credit. See for details. Participants may combine badges with other WOSU Classroom services to achieve the desired number of contact hours.

    • 12.5 contact hours = 1 semester hour of grad credit = 3 badges
    • 25 contact hours = 2 semester hour of grad credit = 5 badges
    • 37.5 contact hours = 3 semester hour of grad credit = 8 badges